Friday, June 27, 2008

The Hundred Dollar Tooth Brush

For a brushing experience like no other

Two weeks ago she lost a bridge. We made the trip back to the Dentist to get it cemented back in. One week later she lost a crown. We go back to the Dentist and he says " Ms. Gloria, what I recommend for you today is to get a new toothbrush."

Memory recall is the reason I am staying with this 80 year old woman. So her first reaction was to have him tell me.

After listening to him explain how age has made her teeth weaker and brittle and because she is not doing a good job of brushing she needs to get the new sonic toothbrush, use it twice a day and and set an appointment to get a new bridge made that the crown will be added to. Just take the crown back with us and bring it back next time. He is not sure if we will use it or not.
In the mean time get the toothbrush and start using it. "They are not expensive and you can get them anywhere but it must be this kind." With that he gives us a brochure and sends us into the office for the Lady to schedule an appointment for 2 and1/2 hours of his time. Making sure that he will have all of that time to devote only to Ms. Gloria.

After looking at the computer screen for a long while the Lady comes up with a date that is okay for us and the Dentist. Then proceeds to print out an estimate of what will be done and the charges. Treatment Plan Total $3,720.00.

As we are leaving the office I am thinking to myself that she didn't even know why we were coming to the Dentist an hour ago. That missing tooth was not hindering her eating at all. I better check with her daughter before we go spending all this money on weak and brittle teeth of an 80 year old.

After notifying the daughter and her saying to continue with the doctors plans, I make a trip to find the not expensive toothbrush. After trying Target, Wal-Mart and Wal-greens with no luck, I ask the sales lady where she recommends I look for this special toothbrush. There are two drug stores in the Park Cities area of Dallas and she said either would probably have it. Sure enough, there was one on the shelf. $103.00. with tax $112.00. With brush in hand I return to un-package it and show her how to use it.

The packaging was a night mare to get into. After using scissors and knife I had it open. It was rather easy to set up and not very loud once turned on. It gently increases power over the first twelve uses and has a two minute timer to ensure recommended brushing time.

As I handed it to her and showed her where to push the button to turn it on, I got the toothpaste and spread it across the brush. " Stick it into your mouth and push the button and gently and slowly move it over your back teeth." She put it into her mouth pushed the button and jumped, pulled it out, tooth paste goes all over and she looks at me like she has been shot. "I'm not going to do that, it hurts." was her reaction.
Trying not to laugh I took the brush said "Show me you front teeth." As I touched the brush to her front teeth she pulled back and covered her mouth with her hand. By now I cannot control my laughter. The timer has gone off on the brush and it will not come back on. As we wait for the timer to reset, I gently explain how to use the brush again. Try using it just like a regular brush.

Finally I say, "Sit down and let me brush your teeth." With both hands covering her mouth she sit down on the commode and looks at me with frightened eyes. " I promise, this will not hurt. You just need to hold it in one place and let it do the brushing and slowly move it around." "Huh uh" was the only sound behind the covered mouth.
By this time, I am wishing someone was getting this on tape as I am sure we could cash in on the big prize for Funniest Home Videos and I am just about to pee my pants from trying not to laugh. "Let's take a break and try this later. Here, just use your regular tooth brush and let me brush your teeth." Finally she agreed to move her hands and let me do the brushing.
After we finished and she rinsed I asked could we try one more time just so she will know that it does not hurt to have the sonic brush in your mouth. I turned the brush on and touched it to her front tooth, "not so bad huh?" Then I slid it around the side of her teeth. "See, it does all the work." "Open wide so I can get the top teeth, I'm almost done." as I pulled the brush out of her mouth she let out a sigh of relief as if I had been holding a gun.

We moved to the breakfast room and she started eating and looking at the paper. "How often am I supposed to use that thing?" she asked. "Twice a day is what he said." I replied. "Not on your life." she said as she raised the paper back in front of her face.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Determination of Birds

Birds have got to be the most determined species on my front porch. If you recall I spoke some time back about the nest building going on right where I walk in the door. The ledge was the place of choice for the birds to build. I would rake the nest off and next week when I would get home I would have to rake it off again, Not to mention the birds diving at me each time I went out side.

I am assumming they knew I would tear down their nest if they continued in the same spot so they moved down the porch (away from the door) and built on a board with no ledge. Under the eve of the roof but where the droppings will fall on the ground. I left that one alone. Now there are baby birds. I captured these pictures in June 2008.

This is the nest built on the ledge that I tore down,Great construction.

The nest on the left is the one built without a ledge. Glued to the side of a board under the eve of the roof.


Monday, June 23, 2008

It's All About Shoes

From the time you start walking the focus is put on shoes. High tops tied with shoe strings to support the ankle.

Once you learn to walk it all goes by the way side.

Shoes are a source of comfort, discomfort, a feeling of pride and a compliment to any outfit. In fact some say shoes make the outfit.

There are inside shoes and outside shoes and inside shoes worn outside.

There are shoes to keep your feet warm and shoes to let your feet be cool. They come in all shapes size and colors!

There are shoes for walking and shoes for running and shoes for dancing. Some shoes are just made to look good.
I have a lot of shoes, I don't really know the number nor do I want too. I can always use another pair of shoes. My favorite shoes are not even called shoes. They are sneakers, sandals and BOOTS!
Shoe Quote of the Day:
Age shouldn't affect us. It's just like the size of our shoes - they don't determine how we live our life. You're either marvellous or you're boring, regardless of your age. --Author Unknown

The Wonders of Summer

So, I finally found the time to take a few pictures around my environment. Just as I am planning on getting a new camera the old one turned out some good shots.

The beautiful Red Canna ! this is a dwarf variety. I have had these for about 20 years now. Each year they send up new shoots.

The pure white blossom of the Gardenia bush only last a day before it begins to turn yellow. The fragrance lingers on for weeks. Even as a dried flower the smell is wonderful. A summer breeze will spread the fragrance for quite a distance, especially at dusk. I pick a few blooms and float them in water to fill a room with this magic smell.

The pink cone flower grows as a native plant in south east Oklahoma. It is very hardy and multiplies each year. It also has good medical properties and is also known as echinacea.

I caught this little bee going from flower to flower. He certainly was busy today.

One of a million, tiny white blooms that form a dinner plate size flower. It grows from a small tree. I cut it down every year just after the bloom. I have no idea what it is called.

The following picture is looking at the same bloom from the bottom.

The awesome beauty of nature captivates me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting Grandma on the Plane ...Part 2

Lake Tahoe June 2008
Very nervously we approached the security area. With boarding passes in hand and an expired drivers license and Medicare card we breezed though and was setting at our gate with in ten minutes time. None of the hassle we had expected! DFW could not have been more accommodating .

All that worry was for naught. Grandma had some pizza and a drink and we waited for an hour to board. This being her first time to fly still brought some concern about air sickness. but no need to worry. She enjoyed every minute of the trip to Lake Tahoe and was excited to get dressed up and attend the wedding of her only grandson. We arrived at the Reno airport and met up with the wedding group coming from Houston.
None of the action escaped this 90 year old woman. She kept up with the youngest of the group and attended all the functions. Dinners, brunch, and a trip to the casino.

Day three and the wedding is set for sunset. Some confusion on the time for pictures to be taken and a blast of windy 43 degree weather began to take it's toll.

Grandma's sick stomach (someone handed her a glass of champagne) sent us back to the Hotel early and we packed up to leave the next morning. When we got to the airport in Reno we were pleased to find the flight scheduled before ours was open and we would have no wait at all.

Eager to get home we approached security with no nervousness. That is when it happened. Grandma was the one picked for the strip search.That's right, STRIP SEARCHED Grandma! No one could go with her and she didn't know what the heck was happening.She can't hear at all, just followed the signals. She said "What are they feeling for? pat here touch there." They didn't find her gun so we were allowed on the plane just minutes before take off.

This is making our final approach back to Dallas. What a great trip to remember!