Friday, April 6, 2018

more Midland

Lucas Ebert

Zac (copelahoma)

March 30, 2018

 Mile-o-fest in Florida in January 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mace's first dance. 1-21-18

                                                   All that dance practice paid off! 1st dance.
                                                       Olivia and Mace
                                                       TaMara and Mace
                                                     Mom, Grammye, Sissy and Mace
                                                      Mom  Grammye and Mace
                                                     Grammye and Grandson <3 p="">
                                                    Yes, I think that's the right look!
                                               getting the hair just right!

Midland 1-13-18 Choctaw Casino Grant, Oklahoma

  •  Oh what a time we had!! so much fun. TaMara got right up to the stage. This is her with Mark.

 Me and TaMara just as we got in our seats. the place was filling up!
 Playlist on the floor under the mic. that is Mark's legs.
  Me, TaMara and Sheldon. waiting on the band.
                                                        FUN FUN FUN
                                                    Me and TaMara when we first got in the casino.
                                                    Making a
                                                  Altitude Adjustment!
                                                  Jess   and    Mark
                                                       Jess, Mark and Cam
                                                              Mark and Cameron
                                                           TaMara and Mark. she had it on video by mistake. He was messing up her hair!!!  To finish up the night we went back into the casino and cashed in our tickets. Sheldon had 44¢ left from his $100. I had 7.60 left from mine and TaMara was the big winner with $189.00  She said "Take the money and run!"