Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Wait for Dianthus

And a bug too!
So many colors so much beauty

Last year I planted seeds from a bag that I gathered the fall before. I had orange mini zinnias and yellow marigolds and basil.
Where did the coral come from?
making a cone of color
making a cone of green
when the plants started coming up I didn't recognize the leaf but moved the seedling around in the garden anyway. All summer I watched them grow into a clump of green spiky leaves. As winter came and things began to freeze back I was still uncertain as to what or where I got those seeds.
As the ground began to warm the green popped back out. Clumps of something I don't know what it. I decided to not till the garden. I would instead work around the returning plants and bulb planted last year and fill in with annual seeds gathered from last year.
The First bloom

This is what starting appearing after the last frost. I thought maybe a cone of some kind. I already knew it was a hardy plant because the frost that bit back everything else didn't seem to bother this plant at all.

Finally a bloom appears!! I've seen this before. Dianthus. how did I get those seeds? Little did I know I was about to see an explosion of beauty and color.