Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Devine Mr. H

Is anything really by chance?

out of the blue comes an invitation to work 4 days in Dallas. How could I pass this up? I said I was not going to work anymore. I sure did not look forward to meeting someone new or taking care of someone who had any type of impared thinking. Now this comes along.

I find myself in old territory. the same part of town.

I passed this fountain so many times taking Gloria to the wednesday bridge games. It was nice to see it again. Same with the Drexel Highlander. I never thought I would be staying here.

"If you will just stay four days it will really help me out." Those are the words that pulled me out of the house and back into the work force.

He has had back surgery and will need someone to run errands and do some light cooking. I can't tell you much about him but he is a friend of a friend that you already know and he would love to have you.

He had this painting done in 1982. Altho he is 30 years older he still looks much the same. The eyes are covered by black horn rimed glasses and he can't hear very well but you can tell it is still him.

An award winning Interior Decorator in Dallas for many years he has the pictures and stories to tell. The devine Mr.H. what a pleasure to spend four days with you. He is surrounded by a collection of art and antiques of a life time. He has lovingly put them all together into the condo where he resides today.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


some of my most enjoyable moments are spent capturing photographs of flowers.
Spring is the best time.But these are all taken in the middle of summer.

This is a purple day lily from my yard.

this is an orange zennia from my garden.a pink oleander a tiny blue flower on ground cover.Queen Ann's Lace, growing wild in the pasture. Red and Yellow Cannas from my yard.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Wood Continu........

We made it through the holidays and I made the trip to California and now I am back to continue with the story of the firewood. This is Mike making the wood rack. It will hold two ric's of wood.

I can tell this is going to take a while. Dial-up is too slow to do this with out forgetting the subject of the blog. I'm waiting for the picture of Mike building the wood rack to load. It has been 14 minutes and when it gets downloaded this post will be finished until I am on a higher speed.

I'm aborting this project. I've waited 38 minutes and no picture yet.

I have been trying to get DSL internet service through the phone co here but have just found out that I am beyound the boundries of service. I went today to check about Huges net. It is pretty expensive but I suspect that is about my only other option.