Tuesday, March 25, 2014

baked potato chips

A tasty and clever way to cook potatoes in the oven.
drizzle with olive oil sea salt and fresh ground black pepper

bake at 375 till browned.

Let's talk about Nate

He could dribble a basketball with skill and precision as a third grader. He attended the same school as my granddaughter. I watched him play for two or three years, then he moved over to public school where they had a football program.
He came down with a sudden and confusing illness at about age 11. They had fund raisers everywhere for him. He spent many months in the Arkansas Children Hospital.
He made his recovery and entered into a contest to win a trip to the Super bowl. They choose several people who loved football and had overcome adversities to get an all expense paid trip to New York.
 Halftime show Super Bowl 2014  Bruno Mars
 Bill Clinton, Nate's Mom, Nate, Nates's Dad...they all come from a place called Hope.
 Whoopi and Nate's Mom
 sitting with the stars!!   Jennifer Garner, whoopi
 Nate and His Mom.
 He got to meet so many people. lots of players. He will be a star one day himself.
 this is nate with another one of the kids who won the trip. I watched a show on TV about him. He was born without an arm. still plays ball and is good at it.

Painting the House

Painting the House in the spring of 2013.
 I probably started in the wrong time of year. March of 2013 was a wet month. It was warm but not good painting weather.
 After the cleaning and taping off it set many days.
 The porch furniture set in the yard for 2 and a half months.
 I put plastic over the windows so I would have some light inside. that's the part that seemed to take the longest. keeping the windows covered.
 Very satisfied with the finished look. the cedar trim looks amazing.
After   The
back of the house.  This is the first time I have had it all done at the same time. For years I would paint the front one time and the back the next or maybe one end. the deck deck alone always kept me busy. What a joy to have it all done at once!